Mix, weigh and pay at this new Icicles hangout in CDM. This spot serves cool, creamy frozen yogurt with over 30 rotating flavors to chose from or swirl together with an equally long list of toppings to choose from. Here’s how it works: pick your flavor, (which can be served solo or swirled with another flavor), pick as many toppings as you want, then weigh it and pay for it. With the colorful array of toppings you are capable of making any concoction imaginable. From cereals and granola to pulverized candy bars and nuts at the dry bar, to fresh strawberries and raspberries at the iced bar, you are only limited by your own desires!!

Gourmet Frozen Yogurt for Ice Cream Lovers! Icicles Frozen Yogurt is made with the highest quality ingredients, and our secret recipe was specially blended for a smooth and creamy taste.

Healthy! Icicles will craft it’s frozen yogurt with one of the highest counts of beneficial live natural yogurt cultures. These cultures must be present in the intestinal tract of the human body to ensure proper balance needed for digestion and good health. And many lactose intolerant individuals can enjoy yogurt. Icicles Frozen Yogurt is a good alternative source of calcium.